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The Sun Paradigm is the democratic alternative to the elitist Great Reset

While directly addressing major environmental issues including:

The Sun Paradigm also enables:

Economic democracy

a balanced, efficient and just economy implementing economic democracy i.e., widespread property ownership and daily economic power giving individual income

Homo co-operans

the gentle reversal of homo economicus so that it  becomes homo co-operans

Population levels

The voluntary reduction of population levels

Solar technology

The introduction of innovative, efficient and regenerative solar technology


involvement of public, national and international financial institutions

Student loans

interest-free student loans

SolaRoof is the global catalyst

SolaRoof is an innovative solar technology invented by Richard Nelson. SolaRoof has the potential to drastically change the way we eat, drink, live, and  heat and cool our homes.
SolaRoof technology is still in development and is not yet ready for direct sale to customers.

PyraFarm is an amazing new kind of building :

  • multi-purpose
  • fast erection
  • food
  • economical cost

Time for a change

It’s time for a change – and a big one, too.
For twenty years or more, economists have realised that something is amiss with the basic principles of their study but only now – and belatedly – are they waking up to the need for sustainable, rather than exploitative, growth.

The cause of the inertia :  58 false assumptions about reality

The answer is that all proposals, Green or otherwise, have to be implemented in today’s economies which are based upon (at least) fifty eight false, interconnected assumptions about reality.

Major New Paradigm

This video lays the basis for a revolution in Economics by outlining a new way of understanding reality. The new understanding then provides new policy options for solving the world’s economic and environmental problems.

Fall of the Dark Paradigm

Better understand the urgent need for the Sun Paradigm, by reading Richard Nelson’s document : Fall of the Dark Paradigm – Rising of the Sun Paradigm